There are two German spinoffs, found in the German PonyPasta-Wiki, at the moment. Both take place after the events of the Original Breath series, found in the MLPPasta-Wiki (some parts are deleted by now cause their masure contents), and include the characters of the German authors.


Breath - Red Unicorn RiverEdit

The Story takes mostly place in Ponyville, where Skyblack murders ponys (nobody would have imagined this, I think), and when he drops a dead body of one of his victims, he falls in love with Crystal queen Arriva, the mother of Goat king Robert (all German characters). He kidnaps her and rapes her gently, while Equestria falls in panic, Celestia and some friends try to find her before Robert discovers his mom is in the psychopath's hoofs...

Breath: Kristallsplitter (Crystal shivers)Edit

Now Skyblack is caught and in prison, but in Arriva's citadelle, she has also fallen in love with him. Fluttershy is disappared and Skyblack is send to kill the leader of the Combine, an alien species (they are similur to the combine from Half Live, I know, but they were a friend's idea).

He nearly beats him to death, but gets attacked by goatqueen Luna (yep) and is knocked out...


  • Skyblack stays the same psychopath from the original series
  • He splits with Fluttershy, who carrys a big secret with her...
  • At the end of the series he has to marry for escape death and ends being a psycho