This page talks about the original Breath series, if you wish to read them, click here.

Breath (Original)Edit

The original Breath series was created July 31st, 2013 in the Spinpasta Wiki, by the author Jacket Mike.


Breath tells the story of Skyblack Graymane, a pony sent to Ponyville by an unknown gang to lower it's reputation. To do that, he tortures and kills ponies, making Ponyville a dangerous place to live. He also counts with the help of Fluttershy to do that.

The original Breath is more famous for its inumerous spin-offs, which presents a more psychotic Skyblack.


Breath had mixed reviews, with people saying it to be way too cliché, but others enjoying it due to it's insanity.

Mike's own opinion is that he personally dislikes the original Breath, and likes the reboot more.


  • Skyblack appeared in a deleted work Jacket Mike work called "9 Circles" where he is tortured by Pinkie Pie by making him dance with spiked lula hoops to his death. 9 Circles also existed before Breath, but was deleted from the original wiki. Skyblack also had a scar in his right eye.
  • Most fans appear to like the psychotic Skyblack over the new Skyblack.