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"Then traveler in the dark...

Thanks you for your little spark...

He could not see which way to go...

If you did not Twinkle so..."

Breath (Reboot)Edit

The reboot of the Breath series was created in March 1st, 2014 in the Spinpasta Wiki, by the author Jacket Mike.

The Breath (Reboot) series is, obviously, a reboot of the original Breath series, however, changing the story completely, to one more darker and sadder, and with much less violence compared to the original.

It also adds more characters, including the entire Mane Six, Cutie Mark Crusaders, Spike, Lyra, Bon-Bon and two OCs, Redflower Purpleye and Blue Autumn. Although some of these only appeared once.

Skyblack is also included among the characters, as protagonist and narrator, however, not psychotic neither sociopathic as the one know in the original Breath series.

The reboot also has a sequel.


A new and different Skyblack Graymane wakes up in a hospital, not remembering his past. After meeting and making his first friend, Blue Autumn, Skyblack is discharged and released into the *almost* innocent town of Ponyville.

Skyblack's primary objective was to discover his past, but things change when suddenly an unknow serial killer starts killing ponies in the town. Raping and slaughtering them.


The reboot of Breath received good reviews, with audience saying it's a nice touching story.

Mike's own personal opinion, is that "this is what I always really wanted to make".


  • Skyblack's last words in the reboot are "Whatever...", and in the sequel, his first words are "Whatever..." as well.
  • Skyblack's personality is inspired on Mike himself, and the depression in the end and the sequel are also inspired on him.
  • Skyblack seems to be much more calm and empathetic than the one in the original, as well as friendlier.
  • The reboot was originally going to be just like the original Breath, with a psychotic Skyblack murdering ponies secretly while trying to keep his head down, but, as soon as Mike typed the first letter into the reboot, his mind changed.
  • The song in the beginning of the reboot is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", which symbolizes Skyblack being saved by the Cutie Mark Crusaders.