This page talks about the Original Breath series before the August 2014 updates.

The First version of the Breath series (nicknamed by the author as Breath v0.1.) was the very first draft of the Breath (Original) series. Unfortunately, due to the August 2014 updates, the series was re-written and a new plot was introduced. Breath v.01, however, inspired many spin-offs, such as Crimson Darkness, The Fall of Celestia, Rainbow Factory and many others.


The stories featured the Skyblack we see in the spin-offs, where he is much more psychotic and crude. He tortured criminal ponies along with Fluttershy, but, as the series passed, he starts torturing normal and innocent ponies for entertainment.

The stories end with Skyblack and Fluttershy moving to an unknown village after being incarcerated and escaping.


  • You can still read some of Breath v0.1 by checking the history of the Original Breath page, but, due to the deletion of some pages, you might not understand the story completely.