The page below contains MASSIVE SPOILERS of the main Breath series, read with precaution.

Charming Charmer is the leader of the Bastards in Hats mafia in Breath 2: The Fall of the Graymane. He is killed by Skyblack in part four.

Breath 2: The Fall of the GraymaneEdit

Charming is the leader of the Bastards in Hats mafia. Not much is know about him except he had two sons that Skyblack killed in order to protect Redflower Purpleye. Charming, although, actually attemps to rape Skyblack as payback, but he's killed by him.


Charming is an unicorn, he has a blue coat, a green mane and green eyes. He wears a black jacket and his cutie mark is a dollar bill, representing his richness.
Charming Charmer


Not much is know about Charming personality, except that he is into rapism and seems to be very angry.


  • Charming's design is very similar to Redflower Purpleye's, although, they're not related in any way.

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