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Jacket Mike is the main author of the Breath stories, who wrote all of them, and also three stories with two more people.

He also created the Breath Wiki.

His real name is Michael, and his last name won't be given.


Jacket Mike's name is a combination of his real life name, Michael, and Hotline Miami's protagonist nickname, Jacket.

Michael, or just Mike, is a big fan of the Hotline Miami games.


Mike's most famous work is the Breath series, but he wrote more than just it, like:

  • Drown, a small pasta that "tells" how drowning feels like.
  • GTA2.exe, as title says, a pasta about Grand Theft Auto 2.
  • , a sequel to Drown, a theory about how "afterlife" feels like. Title means "Dead".

There were also other works that, unfortunately, were deleted, mostly by himself.

Personal lifeEdit

Michael refuses to give much about his personal life. But, what is know, is that he suffers from deep depression, he is a gamer and likes games such as Hotline Miami (where he got the inspiration for his name) and Afraid of Monsters (the avatar when he created the Breath Wiki). Michael is also a fan of the Grand Theft Auto games and horror games such as the classic Resident Evil and Outlast.

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